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Internet Accelerators.
Boost your current Internet connection speed

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webROCKET (Internet Optimizer)

internet optimizerTired of waiting forever for web pages to load? You deserve a faster Internet connection! webROCKET doubles your Internet speed with no risk, guaranteed.

Download today and get ready for a far more satisfying Internet experience.

What is webROCKET ?
webROCKET is a powerful, easy-to-use program for Windows® 95, 98, Me, NT, 2000 and XP which accelerates your Internet connection speed by up to 200%.

What does webROCKET do?
Without webROCKET, Windows® lacks the power to provide you with an optimal Internet connection because of changing, unstable network conditions.

webROCKET automatically turbo charges your Internet connection by boosting Internet data transport efficiency. webROCKET adapts your modem or high-speed connection to its maximum potential.

Will webROCKET work on my system?
As long as you have Windows® 95, 98, NT, Me, 2000 or XP absolutely! Because webROCKET optimizes the way Windows® works with the Internet, you will notice an improvement with any web browser, e-mail client, file transfer, online game, or other Internet software. webROCKET speeds up everything you do on the Internet, and improves your Internet performance even if you already have a high speed connection or speed boosting software.

Will webROCKET speed up any Internet connection?
Yes. webROCKET is compatible with any home or office Internet connection that works in Windows®, including dial-up modems of any speed, and high-speed connections such as cable modems, DSL, ISDN, T-1, LAN, etc. It works with all Internet services, including AOL and local ISPs.

Download webROCKET now

Other Internet Accelerators

Top PC Speed tweaks for boosting your RAM, CPU speed, internet connection, modem, cable, DSL, memory and much more.

ModemMax increases your download speeds by up to 600 percent. Dial up connections will usually see an increase of speed of about 100 to 200 percent, while higher-speed connections such as cable modems, ISDN, 56K, and DSL will usually see increases of 200 to 600 percent. Along with other settings in Windows, ModemMax optimizes Windows to allow for the maximum packet size in order to provide the maximum download speeds. New settings allow for Windows 2000 users to improve their speeds, along with support for higher-speed connections. ModemMax includes a number of new features. You can now stay on the Net as long as you want with the Stay On feature. You can scan your computer for intruders and holes in your system. If your download doesn't finish, you can use ModemMax's easy download-resume utility. If you have a favorite site that you can't get enough of, add it to ModemMax's Fast IP Resolving feature. Finally, if you're worried about your computer crashing or a problem with your computer, ModemMax now uses Attune technology to bring you the latest on preventative help for your computer.

Connection and download speed depend on your modem speed, on the type of data/graphics you download and on net traffic. On the average you should expect 100% faster connection.

IPexpress is another utility that considerably improve your Internet speed. IPexpress will eliminate the time consuming DNS lookup for getting the IP addresses for frequently accessed servers. Also, with its Host Blocker feature will prevent your computer to load anything from the blocked servers (recommended to be used with advertise and banner servers). IPexpress holds a local table of DNS-IP addresses and tell your browser to check that table before asking the DNS at your ISP. Therefore there is a local search without generating TCP/IP network traffic at all, and your computer goes DIRECTLY to the server IP address! 
(DNS lookups occur whenever you use URL for finding an Internet resource).

SpeedConnect is an optimizer for Dial-Up Internet Connection, a Web Accelerator software utility. SpeedConnect prevent fragmentation in data transfer using the TCP/IP protocols used on the Internet, and greatly increase modem throughput. The new version has multiple adapter support. SpeedConnect speeds up and enhances all your Internet-related software by adjusting and optimizing your computer for a modem connection. This translates into faster web browsing, faster e-mail, quicker downloads, and improved overall Internet performance. Also features 5 optimization modes for getting the best speed results with your Internet connection type( Modem or LAN/Cable ).

SpeedConnect Pro Package
SpeedConnect Pro Package contains two great tools to speed up your internet connection: 1. SpeedConnect - an optimizer for TCP/IP settings for modem Internet connection which will greatly increase the data transfer rate 2. IPexpress - the perfect companion for SpeedConnect which will eliminate the time consuming DNS lookups for getting the IP address of your frequently accessed servers and also has a Hosts Blocker feature (for blocking access to banner and advertise servers). Together those two Internet utilities will dramatically improve your Internet connection. Choose SpeedConnect Pro package and get a FREE copy of Guard!

Xenon Web Lightning
Multi-Award winning Xenon Web Lightning® is a completely unique program that DRAMATICALLY speeds up website download times to pages you visit often. Once you add a site you can close the program and continue to enjoy the great increase in page load times. Nothing is saved in a cache and once a site is added you no longer need the program running, so absolutely no extra memory is needed! You can add either a single site/domain, or all of your Internet Explorer, Netscape and Opera bookmarks. A MUST HAVE!

TweakMASTER is easy to use and requires no special computer knowledge. It promotes faster Internet download speeds by carefully and intelligently tweaking various 'hidden' Windows settings to provide a substantially faster Internet experience. No matter what speed you connect at or what other utilities you may have tried, nothing will provide a FASTER Internet connection for you than TweakMASTER... guaranteed! TweakMASTER can substantially improve your download speeds for all types of connections from dialup to DSL, Cable, and Wireless. Even AOL users will be amazed at how much more responsive their system will be! More>>>

PC Accelerators

MemoKit for Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP
Make Your Computer Fast And Stable In 5 Minutes!
- Increase Your Computer Speed by up to 100% 
- Let your favorite applications use all the memory they need 
- Prevent Your Computer from Windows crashes
- Optimize your Computer Memory, Recover all Memory Leaks

MagicTweak is a special Tweaking software designed to optimize and personalize Windows XP/2000/Me/98 (98/98 SE) looks , feels and performance. MagicTweak makes it easy to change the hundreds hidding settings in Windows so there is no longer any need to go digging in the registry manually, from Start Menu,Desktop,System Icon to Folder Icon.Maybe you have no experience in Windows registry,but you can be a expert after you begin to use this software right now.

AcceleratedSoftware.Net - Release RAM + Acceleration Startup Manager
About Release RAM : Release RAM allows your computer to run faster and uses your RAM more efficiently. You can free up wasted RAM back to the CPU at any time allowing your system to have more memory available, so making program execution faster because as free memory it is ready and waiting. It can automatically Free-UP RAM if a critical amount of Free RAM is reached preventing your system's performance from being degraded. Many users have claimed that this has reduced the number of Windows system crashes (The Blue Screen of Death) they have had since using Release RAM. Others have commented how their CD writers have not bombed out anymore with writing errors. You can configure your cache settings to suit the way you use your computer, optimize your virtual settings to reduce virtual memory re-sizing, disk swapping, disk defragmentation, and constant hard disk access. Release RAM runs in the background recovering and defraging RAM, recovering memory leaks, all helping to keep your system in peak condition.

VisToolBox is a collection of easy to use professional utilities that are accessible from your computer’s system tray or by using custom hotkeys. The collection includes a screen capture tool, magnifying glass, color picker, Dos prompt, and a path capture utility. VisToolBox is a must have for web designers, painters, programmers and those who love graphics!

Windows Speeder
Have you ever felt the speed of some games is to slow just fit a fool or some games is too fast just fit a crazy man ? Have you ever felt the "upgrade process" of the online games is too slow and waste a lot of time? Have you ever thought the games play you is more than you play the games? Now this software----Windows Speeder changes everything. Windows Speeder is a magical software. You can use it to change the speed of windows and all applications under windows ! If you don't like play games you also can find Windows Speeder is useful and amusing.

Internet Accelerators

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AOL Users Only! Free Web Accelerator!
Surf up to 100% faster! Current tests on many different commercial Web sites using these free accelerator services. Show up to a 100% performance boost.

Speed Up Your AOL Connection Free! (US)
Free! Internet accelerator. Boost your current Internet connection speed. Get faster downloads, faster page loads, and faster Internet. Netsetter. Highly recommended.

Internet Accelerator - the Secret
Windows settings are the secret. Give up the waiting. Optimize your PC for the Internet. Boost any type of modem. Turn the speed dial up to maximum for less than $30. Do it now.

Faster Downloads: Why Free Costs!
Why do free accelerator download programs cost more than they are worth? Get the truth here!

Internet Accelerator
Click here for a review of the most cost-effective Internet and PC optimization and security programs available. Superior customer service and product integrity only! Money back guarantees. 

A Super Speed Boost / Buy Now and Save!
Purchase the most effective and proven speed software solution available. Experience faster surfing, downloading, and increased computer performance. Easy to use interface. Buy now and save.

Netsetter Internet Accelerator
Netsetter Internet accelerator - boost up to 100% faster. Benefit from Internet surf - browser speed increases of up to 100%. It's free, proven and fast. Enhances your system. Affiliate.

Fly on the iMagic Carpet Ride!
iMagic has what you need to surf the Internet fast! Low-cost, dial-up Internet access! Surf up to ten times faster with our Pro-Version service - you won't find it anywhere else! Affiliate.

Accelerate Your Online Speed by 200%
With Modem Wizard software, you can increase the speed of your dial-up connection by as much as 200%. The software is inexpensive, and works anywhere in the world with all types of modems.

Internet Accelerator
Get Netsetter and double your Internet surfing speed! Quick, free download. Links take you to the site! Affiliate.

Tweak Your Modem
Over a 100% download speed increase. All free. Netsetter affiliate.

Accelerate Modem & Tweak Your Browser!
Internet Tweak - Cool software to tweak hundreds of modem & browser secret settings! Expose all Internet Explorer, Outlook Express, and Netscape Communicator mysteries. Download now!

Download it: Internet Accelerators
Download from a selection of Internet Accelerators such as TweakDUN, PeakJet and more. Includes detailed product descriptions and screen shots. The Virtual Software Store. - Internet Accelerators, Shareware and Freeware
Download software from ZDNet Downloads - the largest online collection of tested, rated and reviewed shareware, freeware and commercial demos for Windows 95/98 and Windows 3.x.

CNN - Top 11 Internet accelerators - January 21, 2000
Surf the Web more quickly and efficiently with the help of these shareware programs.

Internet Accelerators - SOFTSEEK.COM
Browse through links to the variety of freeware and shareware Internet accelerators available for download. - Internet Accelerators, Shareware and Freeware
Download software from ZDNet Downloads - the largest online collection of tested, rated and reviewed shareware, freeware and commercial demos for Windows 95/98 and Windows 3.x.

Free web accelerator, free internet accelerator
Free web accelerator, free download accelerator - increase navigation speed and download speed with accelerators

Speed up your web experience, download internet accelerators and offline browsers

internet product watch - CacheFlow Accelerators (CacheFlow Inc)
CacheFlow Accelerators from CacheFlow Inc - Accelerated Content Delivery For Servers And Client Networks. From internet product watch Category site management; SubCategory caching/acceleration.

Internet Accelerators
Freeware programs to accelerate your Internet connection, browsing, and downloading

TUCOWS Web Accelerators Internet Rocket
The world's biggest, best and fastest download site; Tucows has over 45,000 software titles for download including freeware, shareware, demos, screensavers, themes, games, music, kids, office, Java, and HTML for Windows 95/98, Windows 2000, Wind

Digital Cameras, Video Editing, Advanced Graphics Software,Graphic Accelerators
3D Animation Software, Video Editing, Graphic Display Cards, Digital Cameras, Graphic Software, shop on-line at Omega Multimedia.

Internet Troubleshooter, Ultimate Internet Troubleshooter
Internet Troubleshooter,contains everything you need to get your Internet connection running efficiently. Includes these tools: Browser Accelerators, Modem Diagnostics, Connection Diagnostics,and...

internet security, internet firewalls, internet accelerators networking & power management Francais English

Speed up your Internet connection
SpeedConnect is a Web Accelerator , an optimizer for Dial-Up (Modem) Internet Connection. IPexpress helps finding servers faster on Internet. Download them and speed up your Internet connection!

Browser Accelerators
This site contains Freeware, Shareware, and Commercial Software downloads for Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, and Windows 2000. Including Utilities, Antivirus Software, and Games.

Freedom Technology Resource Directory - Web Browsers & Surfing Accelerators
Liberty/Freedom Portal -- A virtual goldmine of links to web browsers and surfing accelerator freeware, and freedom information of all kinds!

Internet accelerator lets you surf faster
Get the MicroSurfer Internet accelerator FREE and SURF FASTER.

Download Utilities And Helpers
Top software downloads for downloading files, managing downloads, internet accelerators, download accelerators, and more!

NetSonic™ - Web Surfing/Web Accelerators
NetSonic™ - Increase your speed on the Internet and immediately improve your Internet experience with the #1 Internet Accelerator on the market today.

Web Accelerators for TUCOWS - Windows 95/98
TUCOWS is a massive collection of 'Internet Related' software. Tucows supports all Windows platforms from 3x up to 2000 along with JAVA and BeOS.

Cheetah@IOA Windows 95/98 Web Surfing Accelerators
Shareware, Drivers, and Tips for ALL Versions of Windows!

CNN - Do Web accelerators really work? - February 5, 1999
Cheap speedup alternatives like Web-caching utilities and modem-bonding software can speed up your surfing. Just don't expect miracles.

FREE Download Accelerator Plus
Download Accelerator Plus - FAST FTP/HTTP - Integrated into browsers

CNET Reviews - Comparative Reviews - The price of speed: CNET reviews top browser accelerators - Performance results
CNET reviews top browser accelerators

PeakJet 2000, Web Browsing Accelerator. Software Reviews from ETA Online Review. Internet Tools
PeakJet 2000. Software Reviews from ETA Online Review

Boost internet speed - surf the web faster
Boost the speed of everything you do on the internet. Maximize the speed potential of your internet connection.

What's New (Software For Internet / Intranet, WebRifle Web Internet Accelerator, Freeware And Shareware, MCSE Certified)
Software For Internet / Intranet, WebRifle Web Internet Accelerator, Freeware And Shareware, MCSE Certified

Download Accelerator: Double your Internet speed FREE
Free download accelerator. Imagine nearly doubling the current internet speed -- get faster downloads and faster surfing!

Boost Internet Speed. Software for Internet Acceleration.

Modem Booster, Internet Optimizer, Download Accelerator

Dialup, DSL, Cable modem tweak

Download Great Internet Software

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Quick & Safe!
Secret Data

You're in Serious Trouble - It's a Proven Fact!

Deleting "Internet Cache and History" will NOT protect you because any of the Web Pages, Pictures, Movies, Videos, Sounds, E-mail, Chat Logs and Everything Else you see or do could easily be recovered to Haunt you forever! How would you feel if a snoop made this information public to your Spouse, Mother & Father, Neighbors, Children, Boss, Church or the Media? It could easily Ruin Your Life! Solve all your problems and enjoy all the benefits of an "As New PC" Right Now! Evidence Eliminator can Speed-Up your PC/Internet Browser, reclaim Hard Disk space and Professionally Clean your PC in one easy mouse click!




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